hello my freaky darlings!

I do hope the last week has been good to you. I have to say that the Great Writers, Right Here event at the Topeka Library was wonderful for my writer!

She met some new friends and it has done her good. Her spirits were lifted and she felt like a REAL author! I keep trying to tell her she is but I think this event helped to solidify the knowledge. She donated a book to a free library, swapped a couple of books, and sold many more than she’d hoped.

She is finally back to working on the first novel with me as one of the main characters. I am so happy to see progress on “Night Blind”. For my writer, I don’t want my first book to be good. I want it to be GREAT. I know it takes time and patience and practice and rewriting for it to happen. Unfortunately, even though I am a vampire, I am short on patience. Unless I am playing with my food…

anyway. I do want to give a shout out to several authors who made my writer’s day. PLEASE go check out their works!!  Dennis Smirl, Brian Allen, R Richardsson (Beneath the Headstone here on Word Press), R L Naquin, Aimee Gross, Ian Hall, and the Kansas Author’s Club.

well, my writer is fussing at me to let her use the computer so she can update HER blog over at Angel’s Musings. I will wish you happy holidays, safe travels, good weather, and much joy over this stressful holiday season! So, until next time little ones–



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