hot, hot, hot

Hot weather seems to bring out the worst in humans. They get irritable, won’t eat, lethargic, sick, and sometimes die.  I do hope all of my darlings out there check on those you love and know, make sure to find somewhere to cool off, stay hydrated, well-rested,and fed. After all, I do need a fresh feed every once in a while.

For vampires, the heat brings out the bad in them too. Some of us are more sensitive to the heat than others, and the long days and short nights make hunting more of a challenge. Often, we get irritable during the long days, but social media, cell phones, TV, and other modern conveniences help to alleviate boredom a bit. I love to watch some of the new vampire movies and shows, and read modern vampire books. They are hilarious.

I do hope you are staying well. Keep cool, both physically and mentally, and know the heat will break soon. Just think, in a few short months, humans will start whining about how cold it is outside. Until next time, my lovelies!

Book release

My writer has worked hard on her new book. She is so happy that she released it less than a week ago and she has sold 4 paperback and 2 kindle copies. 

I am waiting patiently for her to finish the first part of my story. I cannot wait until she is as excited about our book release as I am. This has been a long  road of learning, tears, laughter, and awakening. There is more to be discovered down the road.

This evening, she and I will sit down again and work on my book. I am proud of her, she accomplished one of her biggest goals in life- she is a published writer.

River Ride

I am so excited. This weekend, I get o go river riding. What is so exciting about it? I love motorcycles and ATV’s and actually own an small ATV. Nothing fancy, but big enough to haul me in and out of water holes, or along the trail. I love to  jump, to ride, and to climb hills. 

I keep up with Lukas and his friends on the occasional night river ride. This weekend, we have been invited out to go ride the rivers and trails in Barton County, Kansas. I love this area of Kansas. This is where I call home, the sparse grass, the wheat fields, the gently rolling hills, and the shallow, lazy rivers. 

I can’t sleep. I need to nap so that I can be sharp for tonight’s ride. The rest of the vampires won’t hesitate to leave me behind if I don’t keep up. If I get stuck in a mud hole, I have to dig myself out. If I ride with them, I have to keep up. I get no special treatment because I am female; in fact, I have to ride harder and better BECAUSE I am the token girl.

I don’t mind. I have proven my worth and I know the limits of my bike and my body. I will return home sore but happy. If the home gang called me to go out again next weekend, I would not hesitate to do so in a human heartbeat.

My darlings, I do hope you are taking the time this summer to enjoy your family and friends and activities you love. If you do not take time to nourish your soul, you cannot nourish those around you. I hope you have a restful and fun weekend. until later….

Lukas is coming home

Good evening, my darlings. I woke tonight to a message from my hubby, Lukas. He’s coming home. The Vampire Council has finally decided that he’s needed here in Kansas, instead of having him travel. I’m excited but nervous. It’s been over a — well a very long time since he’s been home for more than a short period of time.

Luckily for me, a vampire colleague of mine in Topeka has offered to ride along with me to pick Lukas up later tonight. It’s not like I don’t know how to navigate Kansas City, but a vampire friend to ride along makes things much more fun.

I need to take a nap but I am too excited. My long days of rest won’t be so lonely anymore. He sounds excited to be home as well. I do hope he doesn’t miss the action and adventure of being on the road. Lukas says he’s tired of the road, of not having good food, of sleeping alone, and of not being home with me. He says too many years have gone by and he hasn’t been here to take care of me. I’m fine with it; I’m used to being alone.

I know there will be a period of adjustment, and chances are, I will be a broom rider extrordinaire for a while. I am so excited I can’t nap. Pardon my rambling.

Never take those in your life that you love for granted. Make sure they know how much you love them and enjoy the time you have together.

Enough of my chattering for tonight. I’m off to a nice warm bubble bath with a half glass of wine, and maybe a nap until time for my trip to the City. Until later, my darlings,

Lawrence, Kansas in the summer

I had a wonderful weekend! I spent Friday and Saturday with a belly dancer friend and her roommate and my writer. I love the kind of town where you are allowed to express your own personal style freely. I mostly had my dance clothes with me and when the girls suggested we walk Massachusetts Street, I had to wear my sparkly mesh dance pants. Funny thing, no one snarked. In fact, several people commented positively.

I found an awesome pair of shoes and a new skirt, and the bonus was talking my writer into wearing them when she went out Saturday afternoon! She looked soo cute in her photo her pal took of her! I was so happy to see her finally relax for a few hours, laugh, joke, and just BE. No deadlines, no worries, no crises to avert, and nothing negative to focus on. Seeing her strut down the street in that cute skirt, fun top, and killer heels was priceless. She still hasn’t seemed to notice the pancake-sized blisters she got from all those hours walking in heels.

I managed to find a nice snack of drunk frat boys in the park. Lucky for me, they have a couple of different parks within walking distance and an abundance of late-night snacks readily available for me. American, Asian, Hispanic, Mediterranean, or any other flavor I desire is right there. I was polite, and did not play with my food.I was very tempted to a couple of times, though.

Today, my writer has taken it easy, lounging around and getting some sleep. She is exited that her werewolf book is coming out soon and the proof will be here by Tuesday. I can’t wait for her to finish with the ‘wolf folk. We have a lot of work to do on my end for my tales to finally be told. 

Ah, the sun is setting and I am getting hungry. Time to go have a vampire-style TV dinner and see if I can coordinate things to get my husband home soon. from his business trip. Even after over a- well after all our married years, I am still not quite used to him being gone so much. Well I hope all of my darlings had as wonderful a weekend as mine, or better. May you all have a fortunate and happy week. Until next time, little ones.