Snowmageddon 2014

Hello all my freaky ones!

This is Isis the vampire. I know that most of the US has been hit with a rather nasty storm the last few days. It has dumped inches and in some cases, feet of  snow on almost everyone. I do hope you and yours are warm and safe.

My writer has been hard at work the last few days between doing edits on my story (YAY!) and digging us out. Lukas and my writer’s husband had to leave early the other night to beat the storms, and left us ladies here to hold down the fort. Good thing my writer’s son LOOVES to borrow her ATV and snow blade and has bladed us out twice in as many days.

The temperatures here in Kansas are supposed to be the coldest yet this winter overnight. I am glad of the technological advances we now have and it is much easier for me to stay warm than it has been in the past. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like the warmth of a fire in the fireplace. It’s just that those old ones didn’t have things like inserts and blowers, and it tended to be pretty drafty and cold!

I do hope all of you are staying safe on these treacherous roads and in this brutal cold. Take your time!! LISTEN to the advisories! When you do go out (if you have to), please take a coat, gloves, hat, and warm foot wear. Tossing a blanket in the car with you can keep you warm in case of an accident. (Because not everyone drives as safely as they should, not because I think you are bad drivers). A shovel and cat litter are also recommended by the pros, and can get you up and going again.  Most of all, PLEASE BE SAFE!

I do hope you get a chance to throw some snowballs, make snow angels, go sledding, or just take a nice walk through a winter wonderland with your beloved. Please enjoy Snowmageddon 2014!

oh and thank you again for letting me chatter on!

until next time!


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