Springing forward

This year has been colder than normal. Now this month, we are stuck in a wet and cold weather pattern. I am glad for this as we are in a sever drought and we need the rain. We will have a good hay crop for the first time in several years.

My writer has been busy as well. She has been busy writing short stories, starting a new story about werewolves, as well as working on my story. She has also taken on yet another part-time job in an effort to help meet the bills. I keep hoping she will make the “big time” and she won’t have to worry so much.

Anyway, she is finally asleep and getting some rest tonight. She’s had a hard last few months. She managed to rewrite one short story only to have it sent back. Instead of rewriting it yet again, she managed to write a totally new story and send that in within a couple of weeks. The second story was sent back. I don’t blame my writer for what she did next. She thought about the suggestions, and kept some of them. Instead of complying, she again rewrote and sent the story back. Now she is nervously waiting. She also worked up the courage to send off both stories to another anthology, knowing full well only one will be accepted. I am proud of her no matter what happens.

She has been working hard on my story as well. Tweaking, fussing, rewriting sentence after sentence, I think she will never get through this draft of my story. She is determined to polish and polish it until she has to send it to her editor. The second part has been written, and the third installment has yet to be started. She has two short stories of my adventures started as well.

Tonight, the waves of storms keep coming through and the sound of the rain helps my author to sleep. She needs the rest. I have to admit, the sound of the storms is making me sleepy. I have to get caught up on the news and social media. I can’t afford to get this far behind again.

Is your spring simply more of the same? Are things the same as last year? Are they the same as last spring? Or are you changing something? Are you trying something new in your life? If you don’t try and change something, you will get the same results you always have. You are pretty much guaranteed to maintain things as they are if you do not venture outside your little box, your little cage, and do something to shake up and change your life.

Well my little ones, I need to go watch a few belly dance videos and take some time to watch a few movies while I have the computer. I do hope you are “springing forward” in your life. 

best wishes, sweet Gothic dreams to all