renewal- sort of

Hello my freaky ones!

I do hope this year has been kinder to you than the last. Not so much around here. My writer finally found a night job after months of unemployment and existing on a shoestring budget. Well, a shoestring budget was lavish compared to how she juggled things. Last week she also found another night job with stable hours, and she gave her notice to the first job. It has been difficult for her and it shook her self-confidence. I take that back. It crushed her for several months, (but don’t let her know you know!)

She is working on a vampire novel- not mine- and may already have a home for it. My first novel came back from the editor but my writer made the changes immediately and sent it back AGAIN! So I get to wait some more. But I see her point. “Polish, polish, and polish it some more so that it will be great, not just good.” (But I don’t have to like it.)

With the odd hours, multiple jobs, and not much free time, my writer thinks she is “behind schedule” in her writing. I think she is doing well with it. She has a werewolf novel she started over a year ago to finish, my books, this vampire novel, and she wanted to write at least three more short stories to have available for some anthologies opening up this year. I know she will be back in the swing of writing soon!

Oh oh! Gotta go! Here she comes looking for her laptop. Stay true to yourselves and don’t let the world get you down, my freak ones!