Change of web address

Hello my freaky ones!

I have changed my name. With all of the political fuss in the world and all the horrible stuff going on, using Isis, I decided it was time for a revision. I am now Isys.

Still the same vampire. Still in Kansas. Still belly dancing me, just a new address.

come find me there!


Isys the vampire

Mortality and Health

This post is a little more somber than most. My writer just found out she has skin cancer. She assures me it is the treatable kind that doesn’t spread and they can just whack it off. This is still very upsetting to me.

This is my writer’s LIFE! Okay, so I’m a vampire. But that doesn’t mean I want those around me that I love to die sooner than they should from preventable and treatable causes. My writer is careful most of the time about what she eats and she makes sure to exercise several times a week. She doesn’t tan and tries to avoid sunburns. She follows her doctor’s orders. Now, she will have to keep a watch out on her skin, use sunscreen, and wear hats and long sleeves. This won’t be too hard for her to do. She’s a Goth girl at heart.

Most people don’t take care of themselves like they should until it is too late. Take some time for some self-care. It’s not selfish. Take the time to exercise. Feed yourself well. Slow down and reduce your stress. Go to the doctor for checkups. If you don’t like to go to the doctor, change that. Find a new doctor. Make a few simple changes, then sit back and enjoy the results.

I will go with my writer on Friday afternoon for a second appointment to make sure they got it all. She assures me the excision is not terribly painful and it’s not a big thing. I don’t like my writer being cut on, but I am glad she is taking care of things.

I can assure you I will be keeping an eye on my writer’s health. I promise I will keep you all updated.

until next time, my little freaky ones,


Just a Name- or is it?

Hello my little dark ones,

This weekend, something happened to a friend of my writer. This belly dancer pal has a bumper sticker and received a rather ignorant and nasty note on her car. The bumper sticker has been on her vehicle for many years and is belly dancer themed, However, some ill-tempered fool decided to leave a note. The bumper sticker says “Isis Isis Ra Ra Ra”. Some rude person left a note suggesting my white, American-born friend relocate and go do a physical impossibility.

This has upset my writer. She has suggested I change my name. After all, I am Isis the Vampire. I thought about it for a moment, then decided. It is not my fault the media uses the improper acronym in news reports. It is not my fault people are ignorant and do not know the difference in an acronym and a name. Why should I change who I am? Would any of you, my little ones, want to change your name due to politics? Many times in the past, people have changed their names because of the political climate. For some people, changing their name is the right thing for them to do. Some have had no choice in the matter. Some, like my writer, have lost some of their family history and heritage.

The political climate is unsettling. There are injustices and atrocities happening and have happened throughout history. We are destined to repeat our mistakes unless we make conscious choices. Follow your conscience. Judge people by their actions and react accordingly.

For me, I choose to stay true to who I am. I shall remain Isis the Kansas Vampire. I am braced for snark, ignorance, hateful words, and general rude behavior. I survived hateful words before. The only ones I worry about are my writer, her family, and her friends. My writer assures me that she will be fine. After all, she survived being ostracized before.

I do hope you will choose to educate and inform yourselves. I do hope that you will not judge everyone based on the actions of a few.

So, for now, I will hope for the best. I will keep my name as it is. I will judge people by their actions. But, if you tick me off, I cannot guarantee I won’t suck you dry like a teenager with a gas station slushy. Oops. Did I say that? Anyway. I hope you choose information and education instead of ignorance and hate.

Until next time,

Isis the Vampire

Trolls, Trolls, Everywhere

hello my freaky ones!

I need to warn you. I will be on a tear tonight. I am irritated at what has happened in my author’s world today. Someone decided to report a whole bunch of authors as spammers. Consequently, they are unable to post about their releases until AFTER their new book is live. This cuts down on the publicity for the authors and can damage sales.

What I can’t understand is WHY??? Is it petty jealousy? Is it an attempt by one author to get rid of the competition so the sales will be better? Is it ingorance? Or is it simply pure hate? The kind of person who would report 90% of the authors allied with one online niche publisher must be a different sort indeed. I wish this troll to see the significance of their actions and let their actions come back to them.

I am irritated. I am angry. Unfortunately for MY writer, she has been caught up in the peripherals of this. She cannot share certain posts, comment on some things, and is wondering when she will be put in temporary jail herself. (I keep telling her not to worry.)

So to combat the trolls, I made sure to post as much as I could about this, to Tweet about it, and to use the hashtag #onehouseunited to show my support of all indie authors.

Indies Unite!

Okay, my writer came home early and I have to go. She needs the computer to do some editing and work. Thanks again for letting me vent. (My writer says it is much better than me hunting down the person or people that did this and eating them.) Until next time,




hello my freaky darlings!

I do hope the last week has been good to you. I have to say that the Great Writers, Right Here event at the Topeka Library was wonderful for my writer!

She met some new friends and it has done her good. Her spirits were lifted and she felt like a REAL author! I keep trying to tell her she is but I think this event helped to solidify the knowledge. She donated a book to a free library, swapped a couple of books, and sold many more than she’d hoped.

She is finally back to working on the first novel with me as one of the main characters. I am so happy to see progress on “Night Blind”. For my writer, I don’t want my first book to be good. I want it to be GREAT. I know it takes time and patience and practice and rewriting for it to happen. Unfortunately, even though I am a vampire, I am short on patience. Unless I am playing with my food…

anyway. I do want to give a shout out to several authors who made my writer’s day. PLEASE go check out their works!!  Dennis Smirl, Brian Allen, R Richardsson (Beneath the Headstone here on Word Press), R L Naquin, Aimee Gross, Ian Hall, and the Kansas Author’s Club.

well, my writer is fussing at me to let her use the computer so she can update HER blog over at Angel’s Musings. I will wish you happy holidays, safe travels, good weather, and much joy over this stressful holiday season! So, until next time little ones–



Great writers-Right here!

Hello my lovelies!

My writer is going to  be very busy this Saturday! The Topeka Library is having an event- Great Writers, Right Here, and my writer will be there!

There will be many different genres represented and it is a magnificent gathering of local talent. Everything from children to young adult, poetry, nonfiction, detective, sci-fi, adventure, and even some paranormal romance. If you like books, there will be something there for you.

I am so proud of my girl. She has come far in this last year and I am hoping she will sell out at this event. (My writer says that if she sells even one book, she will be happy.)

Well I do hope that anyone who can will drop by this event and support your favorite local authors!

until later, my pets


here is the info for the event!

Changing again

Hello my freaky friends!
I hope you’re staying warm this winter. I have received news that my writer’s other half is changing jobs.
I’m a little jealous that she will have her husband home every night and I don’t. I’m hoping she will get back to finishing my story after she is finally finished with this murder mystery.
I’m not sure how I feel about my writer doing a murder mystery but it’s good to travel outside your comfort zone.
My writer also sent off another short story to a paranormal anthology and is waiting to hear back on it. She will have a table at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library’s Local Author Fair on December 6 at the TSCPL. Come by and buy a book or two!! There will be a bunch of great writers there of all genres.
Oh oh. I better go. My writer figured out that I have her phone and am blogging on it.
Stay warm my freaky ones. Make sure to celebrate your holidays with the ones you love! Until next time!

weekend getaway

I finally managed to get my writer out of the house and away for a few hours. She’s even staying at a motel in another state! This is something she never does.
So far, she has toured a large mall in Joplin, Missouri, bought and worn a swimsuit for the first time in YEARS, and actually went swimming! She is finally relaxed and happily tired.
I love to have weekends like this but my writer is too uptight to do it too often. I decided she and I are going to get her out of the house more.
Tomorrow, we will head home but for now, it’s a wonderful weekend away from all of the pressures of everyday life.
until next time, my freaky ones!


Hello my freaky ones!

I hope this finds you well and hope things have been wonderful in your lives.

I do realize I have been absent lately. My writer has been super busy with writing, her MULTIPLE day jobs, and all of her other characters.
The good news is that she is in a new anthology set to be released on August 29th, called “Bloody Sexy” edited by Carmilla Voiez. I nabbed the laptop and sneaked a peek at the ARC of the anthology. Talk about some hot stuff! Totally for 18 and over. NOT FOR KIDS! (but for sharing with your lover.) My writer has her story “Tonight” and a poem in the book.

Sometime in the near future, two more of her stories will be released in an anthology “Touched by Shadow, Caressed by Light”. I am STILL waiting to read those stories. No, I’m not in them but some of the other vampires I’ve heard about from my world are in them.

My author also has a novel completed and in edits, and another short novel nearly finished. Round 1 of edits are done on the first book in my series, “Night Blind”. In spite of her inconsistent work hours, she has been hogging the laptop and done little more than write. Oops, I mean she has been hard at work on her novels. All of her stories so far are set here in Kansas.

My writer is also at work on a secret project, possibly with another author. But Angel Edenburn won’t tell me anything about it or who the other author may be. As soon as I overhear any info, I will make sure to tell you, my darkling darlings.

Oops. Time to give the laptop back. My writer’s finished with her bubble bath and ready to go back to work on the edits for “Night Moves”, “Night Blind”, and finish “City Dreams”.

Until next time my dark ones, may good things come your way.

xoxoxx Isis the Vampire