Hard times and healing

Hello my darlings, how has this wonderful fall been treating you? I hope things are going well for all of you. This month has started off challenging for both my writer and myself. I have had to do some serious healing. A very deep issue from my past has resurfaced, and I have had to do some growing and some healing. It has been difficult for me to open up to my writer over it but she has been patient with me. Much more so than I would have been with myself if it were me.

My writer has had some issues to deal with as well. Her main day job, a big chunk of her income, has been eliminated. Her boss was promoted, and my writer was no longer needed. Simple, but difficult as well. My writer has taken a serious blow to her pride and income both and this in turn has shaken her fragile self-esteem. For her, having to apply for unemployment benefits was paramount to being a failure in her world.

I know she will not give stop looking for a job until she finds one. She has many skills, and is trying to capitalize on her favorites. She has kept her other two jobs, but these do not provide enough hours for her at this time. She went in to see the job services counselor on Friday and was told she is doing everything she can already and to keep doing what she’s doing. This has provided a bit of comfort for her.

I am encouraging her to write, write, write. She has three stories that will be out this month. One is through Dark Moon Press in a vampire anthology, and the other one, “Morbid Seraphic 2” (edited by the awesome SK Whiteside) will be out on my fave holiday- Halloween! I think my writer should stop beating herself up and use this vacation as a sabbatical to develop my story. I think she’ll come around eventually.

This month started out with big changes, but I believe they are for the better. Any time you can take a difficulty and use it for growth, then it is a success. Painful as this may be, I know we both will be the better for all of this. So my freaky ones, I am going to ask you- how are you handling the changes of this year? Are you growing? Are you healing? 

until next time my freaky ones!