Topeka, Kansas before daybreak

I love the city at night. The pulse of the city after dark is so different from daytime. Things are not quite as crowded but there is a tinge of danger, of mystery to the air as I walk the streets. The animal life is active as the daytime humans sleep the dark hours away. Foxes, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, and even deer go about their  nocturnal lives in the heart of the city.

I hunt in the city because I have a better selection of a choice meal. For the most part, I am wise enough and have enough control so I am able to feed without killing, unless you happen to be a human predator, misogynist, cruel individual without any redeeming quality. Occasionally, those sort disappear without a trace. 

The city at this hour dozes, waiting for the night dwellers to go to bed before dawn and the day creatures have not awakened from slumber. The heartbeat steadily rises, hour by hour until the fever pitch and hustle reach their peak, continuing on until late evening. After midnight until around 5 is my favorite time. I am awake, I am hunting, I feel alive.

I stopped into a favorite coffee spot for a cup, watching as the traffic slowly picks up, the humans rising from their rest. The slow pace relaxes me, dulls my senses and I am content. Soon, the day will break, forcing me to head home, inside to the safety of my old farmhouse and away from the sun.

Lukas was safely delivered to the airport, to leave by special courier, off to somewhere. He doesn’t tell me for my safety, only that he will be back in a week or two and he will call soon. Maybe someday his duties for the Vampire Council will be passed along to his successor and he will be home for good. Until then, I will come to my beloved city, Topeka to feed and to regenerate. good day all.

More and more Changes

My poor writer is trying so hard to be strong right now but I know tomorrow night will be rough. Her husband has been home and no longer on the road since September and she has truly enjoyed having a “real” husband for the first time in many years. Unfortunately, he is unhappy in his job and has taken a better paying driving job where he will be home three weekends a month.

I feel for my writer. My husband, Lukas is gone frequently and has been all of our married life. He, like my writer’s husband, is concerned with making a good living so the wife can stay home and be there when he gets home. My writer went shopping today and purchased  some of the items that she knows her husband will need on the road and is doing all she can to help him pack. She is putting on such a brave face, trying to be a good wife, but inside she’s wanting to cry and falling to pieces. I know. Been there. Done that. BURNED the t-shirt.

I know she will throw herself into her two part-time jobs as well as her belly dance and her writing. “After all, I have a novel to edit and your story to finish, ” my writer told me earlier today. “I have plenty to do and without having him to trip over, I will get more done.”  She needs to let go, cry, and grieve. The hardest part of this will be convincing her to do this. I am glad I can be here for her because even though she is lonely and ready to go stir crazy, she still won’t open up and say it. 

This will all work out, like it has numerous times before for both of us. I have a sneaking suspicion she will be back on her diet, back on her exercise routine, and a couple of novels and some poems will be written in the near future. I will be here for her and will be making sure to chase her out of the house as often as I can. Oh, yes, and I can guarantee I will call foul on her if she says, “I’m fine” when she really means, “I’m feeling lonely”.

New people

My writer busted her butt this week to get the old laptop online in anticipation of her nephew coming to stay. I’ve overheard some of the things the teen has had to say about his home life with a new step-mother and a new baby on the way and being the middle child (of the natural siblings). Seems the teen is having fun with the battered old laptop that needs a new battery (it only lasts like 20 minutes when unplugged.) but the nephew doesn’t care. HE CAN WRITE!

He loves to write and is an AMAZING mas of facts and little bits of information, though the step doesn’t seem to value the knowledge. He can’t wait to meet me but my writer is cautious on what he knows about me. Some of my past is very unsavory and when he’s older, he can investigate. His smile is infectious and lights up his blue eyes and his whole face. I think his face aches from smiling and his fingers from playing RockBand with his uncle. The genes run strong in that family, with a resemblance in the male cousins strong enough they could be mistaken for brothers and the uncles placed with nephews instead of fathers.

The youth seems free to be himself. No one will judge here. No one to call you stupid. No one to tell a growing boy that he eats too much. Someone to listen, no matter how small the idea is. Someone to ask what you want to do, what song would you like? What would you like for supper? In the language of today’s teens- someone who gives a rat’s butt.

I remember how hard it was to grow up too fast, to have to be responsible for my younger siblings, to have to earn a living at 18 and be a mother before I was 21. If I can help my writer protect him, to let him be a teenage boy for just a little longer I will. Everyone should have a childhood but sometimes children are pulled from it too quickly. Let him be a child as long as is healthy for him because too many in his family have had no childhood.

I am glad my writer takes the time to nurture his interests in writing and lets him be a kid.  I have a feeling this youth will be spending as much of the summer as possible out here. In fact my writer is trying to convince him to do the cover art for her books. I am so excited and hope it works!

Well, enough of my preaching about letting kids be kids. Sometimes, we as adults often forget the value of play, even in our own lives. My husband, Lukas, and myself sometimes play like siblings even after all this…(let’s say years)… in our married life as well as my writer and her husband. May we all have a fun-filled and relaxing weekend.

things change

A year ago, my writer had three day jobs, a steady dance gig, and a co-author. May of last year, the dance gig at the restaurant stopped, due to reorganization of management. The nearly-full time job was abandoned in September, much to the relief of everyone- she was stressed out and miserable. Last month, the co-author decided to abandon three years of work and writing- a total of 5 written books, the last one nearly finished, one edited and the others in stages of rough edits.

This week, my writer registered for a belly dance workshop, two and half hours away. Every year, a different famous belly dancer comes in to teach a weekend intensive workshop with a show. Last year, the director invited my writer to contact her this year for a spot in the show. (YEAH, SURE.) Well, my writer sent the inquiry email, not expecting an answer.

The answer came yesterday afternoon. Yes, there is still a spot in the show. Yes, I still want you to perform. Thank you for contacting me and reminding me. So, now not only is my writer typing and editing in her spare time but now is also looking for an instrumental piece that is appropriately dark for a brand new choreography with a sword. No time to be nervous when you do your own choreography and costumes.

The deadlines are getting tighter and tighter but the opportunities are opening up. Today’s list includes- finding music, editing 13 pages out of a novelette and formatting for submission to a contest, dance practice, and the few hours of “real jobs”. (My writer has two part-time jobs.) Costuming issues to be addressed at a later date- sometime before the show on April 14th. 

I am hoping to get my writer to take a power nap (she almost never does unless she’s sick) then tackle the first half of her to-do list. After all, she has three more days to get the novelette ready…

today (continued)

Writer came home happily tired and more relaxed than she’s been in weeks. I know she’s ready tonight to get some writing done. 


Yay! Finally got my writer out of the house and off to town. She seriously needs some time away from home. Since she’s gone and the critters are all taken care of, I’m off for a quick nap! Sweet dreams, all!

Hello World

Finally got my writer convinced to let me have my own blog! I am excited to have a place of my own to write. So far, I have managed to figure out a little bit of what I am supposed to do and it will be a learning experience. I enjoyed the cloudy day today and seeing the signs of spring and now I am paying for my lack of rest. I am going to sign off for now and try to get some rest.