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Today my writer has yet another story that goes live in an anthology. She is beside herself because she never thought she’d ever be published anywhere and to be published in two different anthologies with her vampire stories is mind-blowing to her.  The main editor, the awesome SK Whiteside, chose to move the release date due to several other books coming out on the same day. This way we get everyone’s full attention instead of being one of the many.

I’m excited to read these stories. They all deal with the Seven Deadly Sins. No surprise, my writer’s story deals with Wrath.  When my writer penned the story “Tranquility” she had no idea how it would take on a life of its own and open the door for so much more to happen. She had this short story kicking around and finally found the perfect home for it. This acceptance gave her the confidence boost to try for more and more anthologies.

My writer also has two short stories in an vampire erotica collection, Bloody Kisses 2, from Dark Moon Press. Her stories are not erotica, but they are sensual and steamy.

If you haven’t read any of my writer’s short vampire stories, then you are missing hunky guy vamps, curvy vampire chicks, hot cars, fast bikes, and interesting situations.  So I dare you to break out of your usual routine! Go read some of her stuff!!

Isis the Vampire

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