My husband, Lukas, has changed jobs and we are living together full time now. This is a big adjustment for me. As a soldier, commander, and/or mercenary he has spent most of our married vampire life away from me.

He goes to bed early, and gets up early. I have trouble sleeping. I am always cold. He is always too warm. I am used to sleeping alone, and he hates to sleep alone. In so many ways, we  are opposites. He’s satisfied for the first time in a very long time.

I learned to hunt alone, to live alone, to protect myself.  It is hard for me to change my thinking, and to learn to be with someone, when you are used to being alone. It’s almost like we are newlyweds again.

Different beings have different rhythms, habits, cycles of work and rest, and learning how to balance that is not easy. A new pet, the birth of a baby, offspring heading to college, a death in the household, all affect the rhythm of the coexistence.

I know if I keep trying, it will work. I may need to get away more, to keep to my own rhythms for sleep and eating, and just remember it is an adjustment for him as well. No more exotic foods, strange beds, or being in a different place every night.

The glue that keeps us together is the promise we made to each other. We are in this together, for each other, and pledged to the other only in love. I guess I need to relax, and just let the love we have for each other be the glue that holds things together.

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